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Business Networking/Corporate Communication

Get Faster Access to Large Business Network

India is lucrative economy but still many business sectors largely disorganized. Therefore, if you are entering Indian economy, one of the biggest challenges you will face will be sourcing. Though there are business clusters in India but they are located in far geographies, so to get everything at one place is not possible.

But at Uni-Liais, we make it possible to get you everything you need for your business at one place, by connecting you with relevant service providers, vendors and manufactures for any kind product, machineries, materials equipments, devices, consultancy, and talent. There is no dearth of anything in India and we ensure that you get access to all.

Uni-Liais extensive network with almost all government bodies, small and large private companies, and organizations, is simply impeccable which no one can offer. Our large network is pan-India across almost all industries such as Civil Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Railways, Food processing etc.

Optimize Business Productivity with Our Large Network and Connections

Uni-Liais over 27 years span have made long-term relationship with many companies in all sizes from different sectors. Therefore, Uni-Liais ideally placed to help foreign and multinational companies in India to easily enter and establish their companies, organizations, factories, manufacturing units etc. in India. Moreover, we constantly keep you updated with any legal changes, and help you respect compliance laws successfully always.

We offer personalized services, where our consultants work closely with you to give you personalized solutions to all problems and issues matching your business system, philosophies, ethics and requirements. Apart from this, we have extensive experience in working with US, UK and Europe based large and small companies. Therefore, we have in-depth understanding of multi-cultural dynamics and variety of business styles in different formats and industries.

Uni-Liais Pvt. Ltd. – Your Ultimate Business Networking Service Provider

With Uni-Liais you get proactive help in business networking and corporate communication to professionally handle all your functions, relationships and contracts in India with variety of companies, service provider, manufacturers and vendors.


Contact us now, to learn more about our network, and how can you use it to your advantage.