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Expert Consultancy and Liaison Services in India

India is one of the biggest economies in the world, which makes it lucrative marketplace for any multinational or foreign company in the world. However, entering and establishing business in India is whole lot different from other countries, where you might face unexpected, unknown, and incomprehensible obstacles, impediments and disputes.

At first instance, you will face challenge to surmount multi-lingual and multi-cultural huge bureaucratic structure of India. Secondly, you might not be able to source talent, materials, and others effectively. Lastly, you will face many other problems in understanding Indian economy, market, target customers, and business philosophies.

We at Uni-Liais, help you to solve all these problems and issues easily, efficiently and hassle-free, within stipulated time and cost.

Entering and Managing Business in India Made Easier, Better, and Profitable

In any business, customers/clients are the prime stakeholders that are capable to affect economic value of the business, but apart from this, government is just next to customer with such capability. Therefore, in today’s business environment it is imperative to manage relationships with regulatory bodies and governments. 

We understand this therefore, we have designed our solutions to enable you to communicate with Indian government transparently with our reliable services. We at Uni-Liais provides you expert liaison and consultancy services to develop relationship with government and regulatory bodies, end-to-end liaison with government, business support, business advisory services and networking services.

Our personalized consultative approach aims to help you to understand Indian business style and system, complete all documentation processes successfully, source easily and speedily, teach you with invaluable business insights, and save huge cost, and increase profits considerably. We align ourselves with your executive teams to comprehensively and effectively guide you overcome every obstacle, impediment and dispute you might face while entering and establishing business in India.

Uni-Liais Pvt. Ltd. One Stop Liaison Service Provider and Consultant

Our team is consisted of veteran consultants, which have extensive experience in wide variety of industries with influential and powerful professional background. We strongly believe in transparency and ethics in business, which have been driving force for us to help businesses grow in the best possible manner, ethically.

All services we offer (but not limited to)

Liaison with Government of India

Uni-Liais ideally placed to provide you end-to-end liaison services with government of India. We help or represent you to get from approvals, registration, and licenses to permits, subsidies, and incentives. Our experts help you deal from DGFT, FIPB, and Excise and Custom departments to all ministries, agencies, authorities, bodies and departments of the government of India.

Business Consulting

Our consultants help you understand Indian insights and business intelligence to ensure you achieve higher growth in India. Moreover, provide you expert advice on critical matters of business in India from government liaison, legal, dispute, corporate communication, and marketing to operations, value chain management, and in other relevant business processes. We leave no stone unturned in enabling you to be successful and profitable in India.

Business Networking/Corporate Communication

Uni-Liais have extensive business networking across all industries, regulators, and government bodies. We can help you connect with the best companies and organizations in India, and source raw materials, machineries, talent, consultants and others in India.

Civil Aviation

We offer our specialized consultation and liaison services in Civil Aviation sector. We help you get all clearances, approvals, permits and licenses required for airport planning, design and construction, installation, and maintenance of airport facilities, to launching new airlines, and cargo services, pilot licensing, and everything else from all relevant authorities in India.