Civil Aviation

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Comfortably and Successfully Enter India’s Civil Aviation Sector

In 2013, India has allowed foreign direct investment up to 74 per cent, which makes it lucrative for investors, aircraft manufacturers, airport infrastructure developers, and airlines to enter Indian economy. But, to enter Indian economy for foreign and multinational it is mandatory to open up Liaison Office in India.

A Liaison Office has to be highly resourceful, extensive network and connectivity, and in-depth knowledge of all procedures and process, and compliance laws. But, to find the appropriate talent and human resource in India to run Liaison Office is not easy therefore it become herculean task to invest in India.

We at Uni-Liais Pvt. Ltd. help you overcome all this, and simultaneously enable you to enter Indian civil aviation sector, comfortably and successfully.

In Time and Budget Civil Aviation Clearances

Uni-Liais Pvt. Ltd. have experience in dealing with all Indian civil aviation authorities such as Ministry of Civil Aviation, FIPB, DGCA, etc. to get you permits, licenses, approvals, and other clearances at faster rate within time and budget. Our expert consultants have worked with these Indian civil aviation departments at various levels.

Furthermore, our consultants are capable to advice you on investing in Indian civil aviation to garner higher profits, and if needed source for you from human resource (pilots and other staffs), materials, equipments, machineries, devices, other technologies, service providers, vendors and manufacturers.

Our personalized services in Civil Aviation are unmatched in quality and results, as we ensure you are always successful in entering Indian civil aviation sector.

Uni-Liais Pvt. Ltd. – Get Everything Done in Indian Civil Aviation Sector

We at Uni-Liais promises to get you everything done in Indian civil aviation sector from all documentations, approvals, and clearances, to dispute resolution and other peripheral tasks. By connecting with us, you get unmatched consultative help, and edge over others in Indian civil aviation sector.

Get in touch with us today, to learn more about how we can help you enter Indian civil aviation sector, and what is the eligibility criteria and how can you meet it with our help and consultation.